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Kaitlyn Franklin, RD

I would like to start by saying that a person is never a one size fits all approach to care especially when it comes to dietetics and mental health. My mission is to provide evidence based care by supporting people with their physical and mental health as they progress through life. 

Meet Kaitlyn

As a Registered Dietitian, Kaitlyn aims to focus her career on improving a person’s relationship with food and their body by offering evidence-based treatment models that guide a person towards a healthier lifestyle as they learn to appreciate all foods without restrictions.


Academically, in 2019 Kaitlyn achieved her Bachelor of Science in Nutrition with Honours and completed her post graduate dietetic internship through Acadia University. In 2024 Kaitlyn achieved her Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology with Honours through Yorkville University. Over the past four years she has been working within different health authorities as an eating disorders dietitian and in a private practice setting as a Registered Dietitian. 


Kaitlyn brings a non-judgemental, body-affirming and non-diet lens to her practice where she works with people as they build a lifestyle where all food fits. Kaitlyn has specialized experience in eating disorders, disordered eating, intuitive eating, sports nutrition, neurodivergent care and so much more.


Remembering that eating should bring a person joy and satisfaction not feelings of guilt, fear or anxiety Kaitlyn’s person-centered approach to care offers the opportunity to meet people where they are along their lifestyle journey and supports them along the way.


Kaitlyn is looking forward to working with each and everyone of you by supporting you through your journey of creating a healthier and happier version of yourself.

Kaitlyn offers in-person and virtual sessions as a Registered Dietitian and Counselling Intern please see the booking options tab for more information. 

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